Catalina Plus


Fall is creeping around the corner, and SweetLegs is absolutely positive that Catalina is the most perfect Summer-to-Fall transitional print, ever. 

Wanna rock & own your Catalina SweetLegs while out and about, enjoying the last of the dog days of summer?  Slip on an icy blue, drapey tank, tealy-blue cuffed bracelet, and earrings.  Top it all off with a rich metallic brown satchel and bronzey-gold leather sandals.

Ready to sit out on the porch, sipping a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoying the cool, crisp Fall air?  Slip on your favourite tawny brown suede boots, a well-worn light-blue denim tunic, all topped off with a rich brown, braided belt.

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Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 25 x .9 cm

Plus Size – fits size 14 to 22, with approx. 27″ inseam


Extremely stretchy, opaque, breathable – perfect for every season.


Polyester & Spandex Blend


Hand wash cold & hang dry.


Safe for sensitive skin

Touch & Feel

Soft + Fitting + Warm


Height: 5’3, Bust: 42″, Waist: 36″, Hip: 47″


All dark colors, especially black should be hand washed prior to wearing to prevent bleed.

Our Signature collection sizing is as follows:



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