Mondo Bongo Petite


SweetLegs is proud to present Mondo Bongo as part of our Spring Signature petite size line-up.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “Skulls?  No, not for me! I'm just not a Skull kind of person.” Well, never say never! 

Mondo Bongo is the perfect print for our skull-shy customer.  Each skull is intricately detailed and perfectly complimented by the surrounding curly, twirly flourishes which pop against the dazzling turquoise background.  Together they create, quite possibly, the most perfect skull print!

Mondo Bongo’s combination of light teal and turquoise, pairs beautifully with most everything.  Making it a go to piece in your Spring & Summer wardrobe.  As the days grow longer, and the sun gets hotter; picture yourself soaking up some vitamin D in your favourite tank and go to flip flops. Dress it up and head out with some friends, have a good time, be carefree and sexy, and dance the night away.

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Additional Information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 25 x .9 cm





Touch & Feel


Height: 5'2, Bust: 32", Waist: 27", Hip: 37"


Our Signature collection sizing is as follows:


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